Junior Hawks Cup South Island Championships 2012

It was Sunday the 11th of November and despite the weather forecasts the rain had stayed away from Northwood Park in Christchurch.

The posts were up and the stage was set for the young athletes from five South Island schools to compete for the title of South Island champions, to take the trophy back to their school, and bask in the glory of winning.

The two van loads of competitors from Otago Boys High School were the first to arrive, fizzing at the opportunity to take on their Canterbury counterparts.

Two teams from St Bede’s College and one from Burnside High School Turned up shortly after to warm up and defend their Canterbury soil against the invading teams of Otago.

The games were fiercely competed but played in good spirit. Every team fighting hard for the win but having a good laugh at the same time. The skill on offer were again right up there with the level we saw a couple of weeks ago at the Christchurch cluster tournament.

All the teams racked up at least one win. But as the games came to a close St Bede’s A was four wins from four and deserved winners taking the trophy home.

Huge thanks to all involved; players, coaches, parents and everyone else for making the tournament a success. It will be great to see the majority of these players competing in the Senior competition at the beginning of next year, as well as filtering into the club sides, and perhaps even on to regional and national honours in the near future.

Congratulations to St Bede’s A – Junior Hawks Cup South Island Champions 2012


Round 1

St Bedes A 6.7.43 defeated St Bedes B 3.2.20

Otago A 5.7.37 defeated Otago B 2.5.17

Round 2

St Bedes A 5.3.33 defeated Burnside 3.2.20

Otago B 4.2.26 defeated St Bedes B 1.5.11

Round 3

Burnside 4.4.28 defeated Otago A 2.3.15

St Bedes A 7.5.47 defeated Otago B 0.4.4

Round 4

St Bedes B 2.7.19 defeated Otago A 1.3.9

Burnside 5.4.34 defeated Otago B 3.3.21

Round 5

St Bedes A 9.10.64 defeated Otago A 0.4.4

Burnside 5.5.33 defeated St Bedes B 2.3.15