KiwiSport – AFL KiwiKick Beach Haven School (Video)

KiwiSport is a government funding initiative to promote sport for school-aged children.

The KiwiSport initiatives, administered by Regional Sports Trusts around the country, are having a significant impact on the number of school-aged children accessing opportunities to play sport.

Most projects are targeted at the primary school age group and are focussing on skill development.

This is an example of how KiwiSport is bringing AFL to school kids at Beach Haven School.

AFL NZ is the lead agency for this project, which has an investment of $15,000 per annum from the Harbour Sport allocated KiwiSport funding and an additional leverage of over $4,500 from elsewhere. Harbour Sport adds value to all KiwiSport projects in the region by ensuring all coaches working within the projects have achieved the KiwiSport minimum coaching standards. Harbour Sport also staff review the sessions to ensure a high standard.