Lifelong Crow stays on as Captain in 2024

Shane Leat will remain at the helm as the Crows Captain for the upcoming 2024 season. At 29 years old, Shane stands as one of just two enduring Crows players who have been with the team since its inaugural season.

Shane’s journey in AFL has been nothing short of remarkable, tracing back to his early days representing Kelston Boys’ High School. This silky-smooth midfielder has solidified his position as a cornerstone of the New Zealand Falcons and has played a pivotal role in the Western Crows’ success over the past six seasons. His unmatched commitment levels and exceptional leadership qualities greatly benefit his teammates.

In 2016, while representing the Western Crows, Shane Leat was a triumphant member of the inaugural AFL New Zealand Premiership Cup-winning team. Later that same year, he captained his local Auckland club side, the Waitakere Magpies, to victory in the Auckland AFL Premiership, achieving an undefeated season.

In 2023 Shane led the Western Crows to the Grand Final where they fell just short of a title, and is determined to secure the premiership in 2024.