Manderovic locks in Sun’s job for 2021 Premiership season

Northern Suns Head Coach Adem Manderovic will go around again after he committed to the Premiership side for the 2021 season.

It will be Adem’s second year in charge at the Sun’s after he had his first taste of the Premiership in 2019 as Assistant Coach under former New Zealand player James Bowden.

Adem is the current coach of the Mid Canterbury Eagles in the Canterbury AFL league and he is already chomping at the bit to pull together his squad for 2021.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the team with the amount of growth they have shown over the past two seasons. Seeing everything we have worked on come to life more and more is no mean feat, and each and everyone of them should stand tall and be proud. Can’t wait for that to continue coming into 2021, with what should be exciting times at the Northern Suns.”

The Sun’s are the only side in the national competition not to have won the title and continue to show their potential late in the season.

Manderovic will work alongside Captain Ben Hick during the pre season to recruit new players in the upcoming national draft as they prepare for the upcoming season.

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