Massey designers produce NZ themed St Kilda Jersey

A special occasion needs a special uniform, and two Wellington design students have made sure the St Kilda Saints will be looking the part when they run on to Westpac Stadium.

Kahu Douglas and Jason Sheardown, from Massey University, have revamped St Kilda’s famous red, white and black uniform with Maori designs specially for tonight’s Anzac Day clash.

The sleeveless playing top, known as a guernsey, features abstract motifs such as the mangopare (hammerhead shark), the Tumatauenga (god of war) and Maui’s fish hook.

The guernsey’s central white stripe has also been tweaked to symbolise a plunging oar.

Douglas, who studied in Melbourne before transferring to Massey’s College of Creative Arts in Wellington, said the back of the guernsey showed the merging journeys of the Anzacs and the two neighbouring nations.

“We were encouraged to incorporate the story-telling element into the design while retaining St Kilda’s traditional colours,” she said. “Over here it’s a new brand but you still want people to recognise that it is the St Kilda team.”

Sheardown said it was tough designing a concept for a team and game he knew little about.

“It made it more of a challenge especially trying to take traditional New Zealand design and make it into something representative of both countries.”

St Kilda adopted red, black and white stripes when the club was founded back in 1873.

They have largely kept to the same design except for a period between 1915 and 1922 when the white was replaced with yellow because red, white and black were the colours of the German empire in World War I.

St Kilda’s Ben Davies said Douglas and Sheardown had worked hard to create a uniform that was powerful and inspiring.

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Originial story by Dominion Post