McCarthy makes big leap to win Round 7 Rising Star

The AFL New Zealand Rising Star award will be awarded weekly to a standout young player in the 2019 AFL New Zealand Premiership.


Each week the award will be allocated to those who show ability that favours the core components it takes to become an AFL Player. To be eligible to be nominated for the award, a player must be born in 2001 or younger.

The AFL New Zealand Rising Star award for round 7 of the 2019 AFL New Zealand Premiership has been awarded to Daniel McCarthy from the AFL New Zealand Academy.

Daniel ran out for the Central Giants as a development player in round 7 and had a strong game getting involved in a number of contests and gathering multiple possessions.

He has been consistent in all the games he has played during the Premiership season and is hungry for more development.

The 16 year old will represent the AFL New Zealand Academy Level 2 side this weekend against the touring Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League.


We asked Daniel a couple of questions during the week.


What School do you attend?

I attend Saint Kentigern College.

What sports did you play growing up?

I played Cricket and Football.

How did you get into AFL?

I first got into AFL through playing with the Howick Hornets in the Auckland AFL.

What do you enjoy about playing AFL?

I enjoy the competition and aggression in the sport.

What are your goals for AFL in the future?

I hope to play competitively at a high level and even have hopes of playing in Melbourne one day.

What do you think your biggest advantage is out on the field?

I think my biggest advantages would be my strength and determination to do whatever it takes to win.