New Zealand All Stars reveal guernsey for Falcons clash

Following their recent announcement of their logo, the AFL New Zealand All Stars have now revealed their official guernsey for their upcoming clash with the New Zealand Falcons on September 25th at North Harbour Stadium.

The guernsey is designed by former New Zealand Falcon Lewis Hurst and captures a number of elements that represent aspects of New Zealand including the stars of Matariki, the traditional black for NZ and the blue representing the Pacific Ocean.

Matariki is a star cluster that appears in the early morning sky in New Zealand during the mid-winter months.

The star cluster is well known throughout the world and at different times of the year can be seen around the globe. It is one of the brightest clusters in the sky, containing hundreds of member stars.

In a first for AFL New Zealand, the game will be an addition to the calendar and provide a solid contest for players currently playing at the highest level. When international travel restriction abate, it is expected that a surge of opportunities will present themselves to the New Zealand Teams Programme.

The All Stars will provide increased opportunities for;

  • Australians who reside in New Zealand but may not be eligible for New Zealand selection.
  • Young players looking to push for future New Zealand Falcons selection.
  • Senior players who have yet to experience international competition.