New Zealand Senior Management Team Locked In

2017 International Cup coaches Rob Malone and Justin Davies have been appointed as Assistant Coaches for the New Zealand Senior team.


Recently appointed Head Coach Chris Mundell, completes the unification of the three New Zealand coaches. The team fell a point short of securing the 2017 International Cup and although they now form a slightly different combination, the New Zealand team is in good hands moving forward. The group will be ably supported by the appointment of Howard Gilbert from the Auckland based University Blues Club as Team Manager for the next two years.

Rob malone steered NZ to the International Cup Grand Final in 2017.

Following the recent announcement of the Senior 2020 International Cup squad, the coaching and administration team will commence work on a two year journey up until the completion of the 2020 International Cup to be hosted in Melbourne once again.

Australian and Brisbane based Assistant Coach Justin Davies, will monitor performances of those participating within Australia and also link with associated Australian Clubs and Australian Leagues as AFL New Zealand looks to continue to provide representative pathways for New Zealand heritage players.

Auckland based Assistant Coach Rob Malone will take control of the National Training Programme. Malone will take on the responsibility of AFL New Zealand Premiership Training Coordinator as he looks to have the National League provide a step up in training standards and in turn provide a strong base for current and potential players.

The annual itinerary for the Senior team is expected to undergo changes in 2019. The addition of exciting new opportunities will provide games for those based within Australia that do not fit within qualifications required to compete in the International Cup Squad.

The significant rise in the number of New Zealand born talent now plying their trade within Australian AFL scene, has opened the door to further representative contests.