North Harbour Sport funds two new AFL KiwiKick projects

Two brand new AFL KiwiKick projects have been given the green light through Kiwisport funding and Harbour Sport.


The 4×4 project and the Sport Collaboration project were successful in the latest funding round and will give the opportunity to North Harbour Primary and Intermediate School kids to participate in new sports.


4×4 Project

AFL New Zealand have combined in a project led by North Harbour Hockey, joining North Harbour Volleyball and Skate delivering to over 2000 Intermediate School students in the region.

An increased focus on female participation and holiday programme components.

The Schools involved with the 4×4 project are:

  • Orewa College
  • Takapuna Normal Intermediate School
  • Murrays Bay Intermediate
  • Carmel College
  • Northcross Intermediate


The project commenced in Term 2 2016 with AFL KiwiKick heading into Orewa College in Term 3.


Sport Collaboration Project

AFL New Zealand will also lead a new project in conjunction with Skate and Tae Kwon Do with a focus on Primary School tasters leading to out of school experiences. This project will deliver to over 3150 Primary School students.

The Schools involved in the Sport Collaboration project are:

  • Verran Primary
  • Target Rd School
  • Northcote Primary
  • Birkenhead Primary
  • Chelsea School

This project is scheduled to commence in Term 3 2016.