NZ Falcons duo sign with Richmond VFL for 2022

The pair have continued to develop their game over the past 5 years and have been rewarded with a contract with the club who won 3 Premierships in 4 years between 2017 and 2020.

Mykelti Lefau

New Zealand born Falcons forward Mykelti Lefau is a star in the making.

The 2020 Senior Men’s player of the year, spent time on Casey Demons VFL list before returning to local football once the pandemic hit.

He is an impressive athlete that can play all over the ground and has reignited hunger to push himself at the higher level.

His silky smooth skills and hunger for the football make Mykelti a great asset in the New Zealand side.

Check out the highlights from the Richmond VFL vs Frankston game here.

Misilifi Faimalo

Misilifi Faimalo continues to develop into an elite footballer.

First introduced to the game through the AFL Cup Secondary Schools competition, Misilifi‘s shows excellent pace, skills and evasiveness and shows why he a standout in every game he plays.

Misilifi made the move to Melbourne in 2019, joining St Kilda City and has impressed talent scouts to be signed by Richmond.

With excellent speed and agility and a willingness to take the game on, Faimalo can provide plenty of excitement at VFL level.