Otago break hoodoo to secure first win

It has taken 10 years, but the long-suffering Otago Riot has grabbed a win over provincial rival, Canterbury in Dunedin.


“It may not be splitting the atom or the All Blacks breaking its World Cup hoodoo”, admitted coach Warwick Kain, but he was happy to celebrate a long overdue win over Canterbury.

The side won 48-16 over the Canterbury Cobras, scoring six goals and holding the visitors to only two majors.

Kain said the team had been around for 10 years and had always battled against other provinces.

“There had been some beatings by teams from up north, but slowly the numbers playing the game had picked up in Dunedin, and that added depth which was the key to the victory at Logan Park.”

With more players being drawn to the sport in the region, the game of AFL is growing it in the South, and that gave the side ability across the entire field.

Kain said players such as Josh Mackie, Ben Miller and Mackenzie Haugh had top games.

The side will head to Christchurch in December to play a return game against Canterbury and a match against Wellington.

Final Score: 

Otago Riot: 6.12: 48

Canterbury Cobras: 2.4: 16