Premiership Players begin preparations for a big year ahead

Premiership players across the country are beginning preparations for a big year ahead, returning to training for the upcoming Premiership season.

With just over a month until round 1, players in each of the regions are returning to training. This year their isn’t just a premiership title on the line, but a spot in the New Zealand Falcons and New Zealand Kahu squads for the Pacific Cup in November.

Three men’s teams and three women’s teams will compete in the Premiership, with 3 games being held at QE2 Park in Christchurch and the remaining at North Harbour Stadium in Auckland. It is expected that the Central Giants and Central Shakers will commence home games in Wellington in 2025.

The AFL New Zealand Premiership includes talented athletes throughout New Zealand with players flying in to Auckland and Christchurch weekly throughout the competition.