Pub Charity continue to help the AFL Kiwikick programme thrive

AFL New Zealand would like to acknowledge and thank the Pub Charity for their support in the development of AFL within New Zealand.

AFLNZ expresses sincere gratitude for the unwavering support received, notably from the Pub Charity, in the development of AFL within New Zealand. The generosity of Pub Charity directly contributes to AFLNZ’s employment team, fostering the leadership and structure required to impact the initiatives aimed at empowering youth.

The funding provided by Pub Charity plays a pivotal role in AFLNZ’s ability to continue delivering the AFL KiwiKick programme to primary school children nationwide. This program, designed for ages 5 to 12, focuses not only on fundamental movement skills such as Kick, Catch, Pass, and Bounce but also instills stability and locomotive movement skills. The aim is to encourage participants to be Active For Life, aligning with Sport New Zealand’s “Physical Literacy” approach.

Physical literacy is “the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding required by participants that allows them to value and take responsibility for engaging in physical activity and sport for life”.  In conjunction with Sport New Zealand, AFL New Zealand will look to support and promote this concept of physical literacy by actively seeking out ways to align and deliver this philosophy.

The AFL KiwiKick Programme teaches fundamental movement skills to ages 5 to 12.

These skills are valuable for a wide variety of sports, and the AFL KiwiKick programme ensures that everyone who participates is confident and competent with those skills. Qualified AFL KiwiKick coaches deliver focused and fun sessions during school hours and afterschool, with every child receiving between 1 – 8 sessions of coaching.

AFL New Zealand will continue with these programmes, as they deliver on key outcomes that encourage children to live healthy lifestyles through sport.

To follow on from the six sessions during school time, the children then have access to an after school programme that takes place within the school grounds directly after school.

With the assistance of Pub Charity, AFLNZ continues these programs, it delivers on key outcomes that encourage children to live healthy lifestyles through sport. Moreover, participants aged between 5 and 12 who have completed the AFL KiwiKick programmes over the past 8 years have gone on to play in the AFLNZ Youth Competition for both Boys, creating a lasting legacy of positive change through the unifying spirit of sports.