Skills on display in National Youth Competition

Round 5 of the 2019 AFL New Zealand Youth Competition wrapped up in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch this weekend and all the players have developed their skills and game knowledge over the past five weeks.


In Auckland, Marcus Stratford and Hugo Mortimer were strong as the Giants won by 3 goals.

The Magpies secured a two goal victory over the Giants in the U14 and U17 grade. Maia Sciarone was superb as she claimed the player of the day award. For the Giants, Aeidan Tihanyi was the player of the day.

In the Under 17 grade, Spencer Jones was on fire as he and Connor Fair were the best.

Girls rule in Canterbury as Mia Allison and Annabel Connell were both awarded player of the day after both of them dominated the field at the Christchurch Youth competition.



Player of the day:

Giants: Marcus Stratford

Bulldogs: Hugo Mortimer

Player of the day:

Magpies: Maia Sciarone

Giants: Aeidan Tihanyi

Player of the day:

Crows: Spencer Jones

Suns: Connor Fair



Player of the day:

Tigers: Mia Allison

Lions: Annabel Connell


Photo Credit: Iskra Sport Photography