South Pacific Cup Results Day 5

Tony Ireland Stadium – Townsville, Friday 12th April

Day 5 was completed with a combined South Pacific Squad defeating a combined Indigenous Kickstart squad. It was a terrific finish to a fantastic week of football in Townsville.

Game 7:

South Pacific 13-9- 87 def Kickstart 5-4-34

The match was a great way to finish the Inaugural South Pacific Cup. Presentations were made and each coach chose best players. Once the presentations were complete, it was time for each team to say goodbye and make there way home.

Best Players: South Pacific – Eddie Gavuri, Ben Middleton, Greg Ekari, Kade Riddell, Luke Savere, Nani Rai, Jale Railala, Walter Fafita, Toutai Havea

Big thank you must go out to each AFL Affiliate in the Pacific Countries for there tireless work in preparing, fundraising, organising these boys to arrive in Townsville!!!

Best Players:

Oceania:  Alipate Generogo (Fiji)

NZ:  Kade Riddell (NZ)

PNG:  Katah Siwee (PNG)

Player of the Tournament:

Gideon Houta (PNG)

A South Pacific squad of players have been chosen out of the 3 competing sides as the initial squad to be cut to 25 players for the NAB AFL National U/16 championships being held in Sydney this July.

Please remember this is a squad and does not guarantee you a place in the final team. Training, attitude, form, attendance, school will all be taken into consideration when selecting the final 25 players who will travel.

Congratulations to the following players:

Kade Riddell   New Zealand

Hugo Phillips   New Zealand

Te Rei Clark   New Zealand

Ben Middleton   New Zealand

Walter Fifita   New Zealand

Siope Ngata   New Zealand

Stormy Reti   New Zealand

Kieran Brunel   New Zealand

Kataha Siwee             PNG

Gilmore Morehari      PNG

Ben Tirang                 PNG

Jeremiah Tirang        PNG

John Susuve               PNG

Gregory Ekari            PNG

Chris Yawasing          PNG

Nani Rai                      PNG

Gideon Hauta             PNG

Luke Savere               PNG

James Kembu                        PNG

Joshua Jesse               PNG

Eddie Gavuri              PNG

Peter Lavong             PNG

Hosea Wartovo          PNG

Kisione Taulani         Oceania/Tonga

Hess-Tekai Foilape Oceania/Nauru

Salesuar Sablon            Oceania/Vanuatu

Jonetani Tuvasu        Oceania/Fiji

Ryan Bonga                Oceania/Vanuatu

Toutai Havea             Oceania/Tonga

Sione Taufoou           Oceania/Tonga

Jale Railala                 Oceania/Fiji

Pilo Dagiaro               Oceania/Nauru

Francis Ramo             Oceania/Solomon Islands