Southern Saints too good for the Crows in the wet

The Southern Saints have claimed their first win of the season in some wet and wild conditions, beating the Crows by 17 points.

Both teams started strong and although the Saints put pressure on the Crows defense early in the first quarter, the Crows dismantled the pressure well. In his first Premiership game in 2 seasons, star Crows recruit Carlos Donnell-Brown had a great opening quarter, getting clean hands on the slippery ball early and kicking a goal to put the Crows ahead. Saints key Forward Lachie McBride wouldn’t let the Crows lead for too long though, kicking a goal late in the quarter to equalise the score.

The Saints fired early in the second kicking a goal in the opening minutes of the quarter, and would continue to mount pressure on the Crows defense, converting 4 of their six scoring shots, and gaining a 19 point lead, that would be hard to beat in the conditions. Lachie McBride again lead the way in front of goal, but it was new recruit Talor Scott who was lighting up the park on the defensive end, stopping the Crows from gaining momentum into their forward 50.

A huge third quarter effort from the Crows saw them start to close the gap on the Saints and the game looked set to turn into a repeat of the opening game, where the Saints lost in the last quarter. Eager to get points on the ladder, the Saints held strong and kept the Crows attempts to claw their way to a win at bay, finishing the game with a 17 point win

The Hero

Talor Scott didn’t fold when the Crows started to mount a comeback. Under pressure Talor consistently defused the Crows attack and cleared the ball from their back 50. Talor is having an outstanding start to his rookie premiership season and is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the Saints back line.

The Support Crew

Sam Anderson and Josh Robles-McGill were outstanding in the midfield. The two worked tirelessly in the midfield to intercept marks, pick up loose ball and deliver great kicks towards the Saints forwards. Dan Howie’s slick hands under slippery conditions saw him take many outstretched marks, putting the Crows defense under pressure.

The Consolation Effort

Carlos Donnell-Brown, was clinical for the Crows. His game has evolved other the years, and he played his most efficient game ever against the Saints, his clean pick up of loose ball, delivery to a target and work rate around the ground was huge for the Crows and helped to keep them in the game.

Western CrowsSouthern Saints
First Quarter2:1:132:1:13
Half Time3:2:206:3:39
Third Quarter6:3:397:5:47
Full Time7:5:479:10:64

Goal Scorers

Western Crows: Carlos Donnell-Brown 1, Brendan Clark 3, Lachie Kennedy 1, Callum Jenkinson 1, Xavier Rice 1

Southern Saints: Lachie McBride 5, Hamish Flanagan 2, Jack Penniket 1