Southern Stars get their first win in final round of Premiership

The Southern Stars have achieved a fantastic win against the Shakers in the final round of the Premiership.

In their last opportunity to make their mark on the competition, the Southern Stars and Central Shakers started with a hiss and a roar, laying everything on the line and attacking the ball hard, the Stars put forward pressure on early. The Shakers defense was holding strong and stopped the Stars from capitalizing on their forward, pressure, until young forward Zoe Gullery slotted a goal to put the Stars up. The Shakers answered back quickly, and the sides entered the break with the Stars leading by four.

A much stronger second quarter for the Shakers saw them take back control of the game, working the ball well out of the backline and working the ball up the field well, with Noreen Cassidy kicking a goal a few minutes into the quarter to give the Shakers the lead. With the clock winding down, Demi Salton worked her up front and kicked a goal to put the Stars back ahead by four.

With only 2 quarters left in the season, both teams were desperate to go out on a high, and neither team would budge all the way through the third quarter. The Stars put the pressure on early in the fourth quarter, slowly chipping away at the Shakers defense until Indy Gibson finally broke through to kick a goal and give the Stars a healthy gap on the scoreboard. The two sides kicked a goal each in the dying minutes of the game, but the Stars held strong, taking their first win of the season, and finishing their debut season on a high.

The Hero

Indy Gibson was electric through the midfield. Her pace and attack on the footy make her hard to stop and supplied the Stars with constant delivery into the forward line. Indy also worked hard at both ends, picking up loose ball defensively and clearing the danger.

The Support Crew

Demi Salton has become a real star in the Premiership, taking the game on and tearing up the middle of the field, she also took a heap of intercept marks and started a strong counter attack back up into the forward line

The Consolation Effort

Kate Turnbull has had a great season, and finished off the season with her best performance yet. Working through the middle of the ground, Kate’s endeavor to get ball in hand was immense, and she worked tirelessly up and down the field, to disrupt the stars play and also work the ball forward and keep it in the Shakers forward 50.

Southern StarsCentral Shakers
First Quarter1:4:101:0:6
Half Time2:5:172:1:13
Third Quarter2:5:172:2:14
Full Time4:7:313:3:21

Goal Scorers

Southern Stars: Demi Salton 1, Indy Gibson 1, Kaylee Tavendale 1, Zoe Gullery 1.

Central Shakers: Andrea O’Reilly 1, Makenna Jones 1, Noreen Cassidy 1.