St Kilda Saints bursting into song

Our friends at the St Kilda Saints have made a fantastic entry in the Virgin Australia Film Festival. Their film certainly matches the theme of the competition – ‘Going the Extra Mile’.

When the St Kilda players perform an embarrassingly lacklustre rendition of the club song, the CEO makes a controversial new appointment, a Head of Vocal Performance. The highly acclaimed Riccardo, who sees the hidden potential of the playing group, pushes the boys to go the extra mile. And after a week of intensive vocal training the song is performed once more – but this time, it’s different!

St Kilda Saints players attended Have a Go Days during their ANZAC Day visit to Wellington

The St Kilda Saints have been steadily building their support base in New Zealand through an exciting partnership with AFL New Zealand. The club played the first ever AFL competition match outside of Australia in Wellington on ANZAC Day. During their stay in New Zealand, St Kilda players generously gave their time to attend Have a Go days, meeting local fans and passing on tips to young players. AFL fans in New Zealand are looking forward to seeing more of the Saints as we move towards ANZAC Day in 2014.