Suns head back to New Zealand for pre-season camp

Gold Coast will head to New Zealand on Sunday for a pre-season training camp, minus eight players that will stay home to manage injuries.


It’s the second straight year the Suns have travelled to Queenstown for a camp, but unlike 2018, not every player will make the journey.

Sam Day is the latest to add his name to the rehabilitation group after tweaking his hamstring at training.

Rory Thompson, Pearce Hanley, Jarrod Harbrow, Nick Holman, Anthony Miles, Brayden Fiorini and Wil Powell will also stay to train at Carrara.

Gold Coast’s general manager of football operations Jon Haines told it was long debated whether to take the entire playing list or not.

“Every minute and every day counts for rehab,” Haines said.

“We just think it’s a better place to stay in the right facility and the right environment with the right help.”

None of the injuries are considered serious.

Aside from Thompson, who is being treated with kid-gloves in his ACL recovery, all players are expected to resume full training in the New Year.

Haines said after a huge turnover of players and coaching staff following the 2018 season, it was crucial to have the whole list along last year.

“We’ve got 11 or 12 new guys (this year) but we feel integration has been strong and made a decision,” he said.

The five-day camp is more bonding and team-building than football, with the 43 players plus staff not being told the exact itinerary.

“There’ll be some challenges and exercises that’ll test their thinking and mental capacity.”


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