Talking points: Round 3

Each week during the 2019 AFL New Zealand Premiership, each week we will delve into some of the key talking points from the previous round.


In this week’s talking points we look at how this year’s competition is the most even season we have seen to date, how the Saints backline are back to their best, can the Sun’s shake their fourth quarter woes and will be see a bolter in the New Zealand ANZAC squad for Melbourne???


Most even season in competition’s history 

In years gone by, generally a team (Crows 2016, Saints 2017 and Giants 2018) has stood out in the first three rounds and looked likely to win the Premiership.

In 2019, after 3 rounds, 3 teams are on 2 wins each and the average winning margin is only 16 points.

The Northern Suns are still without a win this season, but with the Grand Final introduced in 2019, they are not out of the race just yet.


Anderson putting his hand up for New Zealand.

With less than 2 months until the New Zealand Falcons run out on Marvel Stadium, Western Crows key forward Sam Anderson could be a potential bolter for the final squad after a consistent start to the his first Premiership season.

He has kicked an average of 2 goals per game and creates a big target for the midfielders to hit.

Hard working, determined and extremely fit, if Anderson continues his good form, he could find himself on a plane to Melbourne in April.


Saints backline

The Southern Saints backline have wound back the clock and playing like the Saints of 2017, when they won the Premiership.

It features Michael Boyce, Andriu Sucu, Nico Donnell-Brown, Jalan Farris and Andrew Bissett and the are all working cohesively to help them win games.

As the season progresses, the backline will only get better, so the big question is… Will they be able to trump their 2017 defensive record of 34 points per game in 2019?


Suns fourth quarter woes

As they saying goes, “You’ve got to play all four quarters of footy if you want to win the game.”

In their last two games, the Northern Suns have found themselves leading for all three quarters of the game to only be run down by both the Crows and Giants in the final quarter.

If they are to make the Grand Final in 2019, they need to ensure that they run out the whole game.

With their talented list, we all know that they are more than capable!