The Crows hold off Giants comeback

The Western Crows have survived a huge 5 goal 4th quarter comeback from the Central Giants.

An electric start by the Central Giants continues to apply pressure early on the Crows defence resulting in the opening goal of the game. The balls was locked within the Giants forward line for a majority of the first quarter but a failure to convert resulted in the addition of 4 behinds to their tally. The experienced heads of the Western Crows midfield reset the scrambling side and kicked 2 goals to finish the quarter.

The Western Crows turned up the heat in the 2nd quarter, dominating the flow of play. Crows Half forwards Tane Kirton and Conor Fair played high up the ground, assisting the backs and midfield on the counter attack, and work their way up the field to kick a goal each. The Crows defence held the Giants to a scoreless quarter and took a commanding lead heading into half time.

A tug of war ensued in the 3rd with the Crows unable to put the Giants to rest. Key Backs and opposing captains Harison Manks and Shane Leat both leading by example working their way up the field to score goals of their own, setting the tone ot both ends of the field.

The Giants were on fire to start the 4th quarter scoring 3 quick goals to bring themselves back in to contention. Kirk Murray took control in the ruck, with Logan Bonhomme and August King providing the forwards with plenty of ball out of the centre. Defensive errors form the Crows saw Logan Toomer and Jacob Gordon capatilise with 2 goals each in the 4th quarter. With less than 5 minutes to go the Giants led by just one point. The Western Crows experience once again took over. Brendan Clarke, Will Dickinson and Shane Leat steered the ship home, slowing the game down and giving the Crows a chance to take the game back. The Crows kicked 3 behinds to finish the game and solidify their top spot on the ladder.

The Hero

Crows Jevaan Croft was all over the ground. The young forward made contest after contest and gave great delivery back into the forward line. His pace and work ethic throughout the game created nightmares for Giants defence.

The Support Crew

Tane Kirton showed tremendous defensive prowess for the Crows, coming up with some major intercept marks and strong tackles. Will Dickinson’s leadership and experience played a vital role in the win,.

Consolation Effort

Harison Manks is a strong leader and is consistently one of the best players on the park. His defensive awareness let’s him play loose which frees him up on the counter attack while also being able to adjust and take strong intercept marks

Quarter Time:                   Giants 1 4 10      Crows 0 2 2

Half Time:                          Giants 1 4 10      Crows 6 1 37

3 Quarter Time:               Giants 3 9 27      Crows 8 3 51

Full Time:                           Giants 8 10 58      Crows 9 6 60

Goal Scorers

Central Giants: Logan Toomer 4, Jacob Gordon 2, Mitchell Weir 1, Harison Manks 1.

Western Crows: Alex Fakatoumafi 2, Shane Leat 1, Quinn Prendergast 1, Aidan Browne 1, Conor Fair 1, Will Dickinson 1, Luke Dunning 1, Tane Kirton 1.