The Western Ravens head into the Grand Final undefeated

The Western Ravens have won their last round robin match against the Central Shakers by 54 points, to remain unbeaten in the premiership

All season the Ravens have proved to be hard to stop and heading into their last game before the Grand Final they looked to continue their unbeaten streak. They got off to a flying start, keeping their hands on the ball and taking plenty of shots at goal, kicking 3 to start the game. Their defense was also off to a hot start limiting the Shakers to just one Goal.

The Ravens continued this form into the second quarter and their forwards were having a strong day in front of goal. Angela Byrne has been in hot goal scoring form all season and this game was no different, kicking 3 goals for the game. Angela was joined by teammate Olivia Waldron in the goal scoring ranks kicking 3 goals herself.

The Ravens were relentless in their attack and the continued to score well in the second half, kicking another 6 goals and limiting the Shakers to only one goal for the half. The Shakers were brilliant on the counter but were unable to capatalise on their efforts.

The Hero

Ravens Captain Sam Bramwell is a top class midfielder. Her fitness and willingness to attack the game and get hands on the ball. Sam is also disposes the ball really well allowing her teammates to get free.

The Support Crew

Jess Whattam and Naia Toaolamai-Holden were a phenomenal duo in the backline. They defended their goal very well, only allowing 2 goals in all game. They also rebounded the ball back into open play, igniting the Ravens counter attack.

The Consolation Effort

A tough day in the backline for the Shakers, but despite this, June Manning put her everything into the game. Never one to shy away from a challenge she even worked her way up the field and kicked a goal.

Quarter Time:                   Shakers 1 0 6      Ravens 3 5 23
Half Time:                         Shakers 1 1 7     Ravens 5 8 38
3 Quarter Time:               Shakers 2 1 13    Ravens 9 11 65
Full Time:                          Shakers 2 3 15    Ravens 11 13 79

Goal Scorers

Central Shakers: June Manning 1, Avalon Yansen 1

Western Ravens: Angela Byrne 3, Olivia Waldron 3, Naia Toaolamai-Holden 2, Hayley Leat 1, Indy Gibson 1, Kristin Farrell 1