Third times a charm for Hick

New Zealand midfielder Ben Hick will return as the Captain of the Northern Suns for the 2021 AFL New Zealand Premiership.

It will be Ben’s third year in the role as they strive to win their first Premiership title.

After another slow start in 2020, the Sun’s found form late in the season and will work hard on making sure they hit the ground running next year.

Holding the number 1 pick in the National Draft, Ben is working in with coach Adem Manderovic to build a strong side.

“2020 was a tough year for the Sun’s but we are aiming to bounce back and put in the hard yards so we can be successful next season.”

Now a regular in the New Zealand line up, Ben made his debut at the 2017 International Cup after having been involved in the AFL New Zealand High Performance Programme for eleven years and earned a spot in the International Cup World Team through hard work and determination.

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