Umpires Programme Steps Up

As the 2019 AFL New Zealand Premiership season closes in, AFL New Zealand will commence work on revitalising the Umpire pathway and the benefits it offers to current umpires as well as the recruitment of those who are new to the game.


The appointment of a National Umpires Convenor will be followed by regional appointments to assist with servicing youth, female and senior competitions in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Otago.

Newly appointed AFLNZ Premiership Coordinator Jordan McGregor stated that, “The importance of providing a pathway that is as lucrative and beneficial to male and female umpires as it is to coaches and players is the right way forward.”

To achieve this AFL New Zealand will commence work with;

  • Accreditation Programmes
  • Fitness and Training Programmes
  • Specific pathways for field, boundary and goal umpires
  • Pathways to National and International Representation including the 2020 International Cup to be held in Melbourne
  • Review systems

“The AFL New Zealand Premiership will continue to work as a best practise model with the opportunity to develop players, coaches and umpires. The Development Player programme has been so successful throughout the Premiership we will incorporate similar concepts for both umpires and coaches.” McGregor said.

The Premiership will also see some new initiatives directly linked to umpire development with the introduction of ;

  • Development Umpire Programmes
  • Team and Club visits during Regional League Competitions
  • Direct involvement in Premiership Training Sessions
  • Umpires Fair Play Award

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