Wellington Senior Hawks Cup 2013

Wellington put on the weather for the Senior Hawks Cup and with the boys eager to put their skills to the test everything was lining up well for a great day.

After the schools had arrived and teams had warmed up it was into the action with both Hutt Valley high School (HVHS) and Porirua College (PC) using the first round face off against each others A and B team as a last minute trial and extra warm up, it was clear that from the first bounce that neither B side wanted to be that and individual spots were on the line.

After Naenae College got their first round loss out of the way they were eager to prove a point and bounced back nicely with a 40 point win over PC B in Game 5.

Everyone was looking forward to Game 6 with both HVHS A and PC A lining up in a repeat of last years decider, big hits, fast play and inaccurate kicking saw a tight first half with HVHS leading 10-6 and with it being anyone’s game for the taking it really came down to accurate kicking in the 2nd half with HVHS three goals and PC  three behinds. 28 to 9 final score.

Naenae put on another good win over PC B in Game 9 and HVHS B put everything into it in the final game vs PC A to try and claim a win, just falling short of time as they were building a strong 2nd half come back.

Tuesday saw Hutt Valley High School coached by James Terry and Chris Osborne Play Wellington College Coached by Shannon Wall in the much anticipated match, full field on Hutt Park. With well controlled umpiring by Andrew Cadzow and Sam Mckenzie both teams went goal for goal to the end of the 3rd quarter (31 – 24). The 4th quarter saw HVHS pull away and put on a master class in centre bounce to goal sequence, kicking 5 in the final quarter.

Teams involved

Hutt Valley High School A

Hutt Valley High School B

Porirua College A

Porirua College B

Naenae College

Wellington College A

Wellington College B

Thursday 21st Hutt Park

With the rain delay from Tuesday Wellington College was unable to attend the Thursday tournament

Game 1   HVHS A       6.4. 40     v       HVHS B      0.0. 0

Game 2   PC A            5.6. 36    v       PC              1.1. 7

Game 3   PC A           4.3. 27     v       Naenae        1.0 6

Game 4   HVHS A      8.6. 54      v       PC B           0.1. 1

Game 5   Naenae       7.5. 47      v       HVHS B       1.2. 8

Game 6   HVHS A      4.4  24     v        PC A           1.3. 9

Game 7   PC B           4.2. 26     v        HVHS B      3.1. 19

Game 8   HVHS A      7.2. 44     v        Naenae        0.1. 1

Game 9   Naenae        5.3. 39    v        PC B            3.1. 19

Game 10  PC A          5.5. 35     v        HVHS B       4.2. 26

TABLE                W       L        

1.  HVHS A          4        0    Back to back Winners

2.  PC A               3        1

3.  Naenae            2        2

4.  PC B               1        0

5.  HVHS B           0        4

HVHS A – Winners

PLAYER OF THE DAY (new to AFL) – Joseph Baker-Thomas

Tuesday 26th March   16 a side game

Hutt Valley High School 9.10.64  vs Wellington College 4.0.24