Wellington talent shines again to win Rising Star

The AFL New Zealand Rising Star award will be awarded weekly to a standout young player in the 2019 AFL New Zealand Premiership.


Each week the award will be allocated to those who show ability that favours the core components it takes to become an AFL Player. To be eligible to be nominated for the award, a player must be born in 2001 or younger.

The AFL New Zealand Rising Star award for round 2 of the 2019 AFL New Zealand Premiership has been awarded to Doug McJorrow from the Southern Saints..

Doug is from Wellington and was the Co-Captain of the New Zealand Level 1 Academy side in 2017.

He has been a standout for the Southern Saints in his first two games of the Premiership and can only get better.

The 16 year old has great speed and skill execution and won the national AFL New Zealand Rising star award at the 2018 High Performance Awards in Wellington.

At such a young age, Doug will continue to develop his game and has the potential to be the next Andrew Howison.

AFL New Zealand caught up with Doug during the week.

What School do you attend?

I attend Scots College in Wellington.

What kind of sports did you play growing up?

I play Basketball and still continue to do so.

How did you get into AFL?

I got into AFL when I used to live in Melbourne when I was younger.

What do you enjoy about playing AFL?

The thing about AFL I enjoy the most is the huge speckies that some players manage to pull off.

What are your goals for AFL in the future?

To win the 2019 Premiership with the Southern Saints.

What do you think your biggest advantage is out on the field?

My biggest advantage on the field would have to be my pace and agility.