Western Ravens announce Leadership Group

The Western Ravens have announced Rebecca Lenehan as captain for the 2024 AFL New Zealand Women’s Premiership. She will be supported by an extended leadership group of Katie Adamson, Ronja Pfeiffer and Buell Verkade.

Rebecca Lenehan is a fantastic midfield talent and has been one of the North Shore Tigers Consistent performers throughout the Auckland AFLW season and her leadership skills have shone through, giving the Ravens coaches confidence in her ability to lead the side through the premiership.

Katie Adamson, Ronja Pfieffer and Buell Verkade are all very strong players. while still new to the sport, Katie has shown tremendous skill and has utilised her volleyball background well to become a strong asset in the ruck. Ronja is a strong forward and can punish teams if they give her room to move. Buell is a product of the AFL New Zealand Youth and Academy programs and has plenty of leadership experience as a previous captain of the youth Kahu side.

The foundations for the Ravens are quickly taking shape, and they are beginning to put together a strong side heading into the 2024 season.

The 2024 AFL New Zealand Women’s Premiership season starts February 25th 2024