Western Ravens continue to soar. Big third quarter secures the win against the Central Shakers

A massive 6 goal third quarter saw the Western Crows Win their second game and takes them a step closer to a Grand Final spot

Early on, the Central Shakers looked to be in control, applying constant forward pressure and eventually putting points on the board with Avalon Yansen, kicking 2 goals in quick succession. The Ravens slowly starting to pick up and get some shots away, but accuracy was an issue early on as they only managed 3 behinds for the quarter.

The game soon evened up, and the Western Ravens found themselves back at their brilliant best following on from the previous week, kicking 3 goals to bring themselves ahead by 3 points at the end of the half.

The 3rd quarter saw a massive around the ground effort from the Western Ravens. Wyllowe Poata who was named best on ground for the Ravens, was a machine in the backline, stopping the flow of the Shakers defense, and playing a key role in keeping the Shakers scoreless in the quarter. Key forward Angela Byrne is a sharpshooter and contributed to the massive 6 goals the Ravens scored in the 3rd Quarter.

The Shakers tightened up their defense in the fourth quarter, only allowing 1 goal in, but the damage had been done and the Shakers struggled to get points back on the board.

The Hero

Wyllow Poata was a machine in defence. her ability to read the ball and create strong contests made it incredibly difficult for the Shakers to gain any momentum in front of goal

The Support Crew

Angela Byrne is in hot goal kicking form. Her accuracy in front of goal is making a huge mark on the competition. With five goals 5 in her last game, she went on to kick another 4 against the Shakers.

The Consolation effort

Sam Lightfoot is a natural leader. Her knowledge of the game gave great insight for her teammates to be able to improve throughout the game. She also leads by example, providing multiple efforts when the ball goes to ground, always supporting her team mates.

Quarter Time:                   Ravens 0 3 3      Shakers 2 1 13

Half Time:                         Ravens 3 5 23      Shakers 3 2 20

3 Quarter Time:               Ravens 9 8 62      Shakers 3 2 20

Full Time:                          Ravens 10 11 71    Shakers 3 3 21

Goal Scorers

Western Ravens: Angela Byrne 4, Ceyan Drollet 2, Olivia Waldron 1, Latisha Trigwell-Achmad 1, Hayley Leat 1

Central Shakers: Avalon Yansen 2, Grace Cawley 1