What is GO4it?

On the 11th August 2009, The Minister of Education announced the KiwiSport fund. Sport Bay of Plenty designed and completed a comprehensive community consultation plan involving whole school communities. Through the community consultation process 7 priorities were identified for the Bay of Plenty: Fundamental Skill Development, Collaboration, Quality Competitions / Events, Reducing Inequalities, Quality People, Key Messages and Professional Development.

Kiwisport Regional Flagship Project – GO4it

KiwiSport consultation across Bay of Plenty recognised the need for a fundamental skills development programme for 5-10 year olds. In consultation with over 50 education and sport & recreation specialists, the GO4it programme was created. A pilot year of GO4it was launched in February 2011 and is operating in 22 schools throughout the Bay of Plenty region. These schools are spread across six core clusters around the region. They include Reporoa, Opotiki, Tauranga Central, Rotorua East, Whakatane and Papamoa. Schools in these clusters were invited to express their interest in being part of the programme in 2011, the Sport BOP board of trustees then selected appropriate schools based on a number of criteria.

What Is GO4it?
GO4it is a comprehensive fundamental skills programme that focuses on key skill sets that develop lifelong skills required to participate in sport and recreation for life. GO4it consists of nine skill sets, six that form the core skills, and three additional components that complement these. This programme has a long term focus that delivers age appropriate activities throughout the whole school.

How GO4it Works
Coordinated by Sport Bay of Plenty and delivered by regional sports organisations, GO4it aims to up-skill students, parents, teachers and coaches in fundamental movement and sport skills. GO4it consists of in-schools activities, delivered by quality deliverers in a child-centered, needs based ethos.

Mid-way through 2011 a comprehensive review took place to ensure that GO4it in 2012 is as effective as possible. This review engaged all GO4it partners, both delivery experts and schools. The review enabled Sport Bay of Plenty to make a number of recommendations to the programme to implement for 2012. These changes will be effective to all participants in 2012, however 2011 activities will continue as planned during the initial phases of the KiwiSport consultation.

For more information about the GO4it and Kiwisport initiatives, please visit the Sport Bay of Plenty website here.