Young stars continue to develop at Youth Competition

The Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury Youth competition moved into week 3 where up and coming AFL talent displayed their skills under the guidance of AFL New Zealand coaches. All age groups continue to learn and develop through the Youth competition and the coaches are noticing the increase in skills. 


In the Auckland competition, the Giants set up a huge win over the Bulldogs in the U12 grade at Colin Maiden Park in St Johns. Lachlan Keddie and Cameron Dixon both starred for their respective teams as they were awarded the player of the day awards.

In the remaining grade, Michael Kloss led the Giants to a big victory over the Magpies. Max Serrano showed off his skills as the was awarded player of the day.

At Hutt Park in Wellington, the youth braved the rain and enjoyed a good session with a good mix of new and senior youth players working together.

The younger and new players certainly will gain much experience and assist with their development not only with the capable Coaching skills of Peter Geale and Jaydn Robson assisting, but also the support provided by the senior players.

Callum Reid and Carter Lowther were the Players of the day.

It was all one way traffic in Christchurch as the Lions recorded a 13 goal victory over the Tigers as Tomo Shaw and Jamie Moore were the outstanding players of the day.

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Player of the day:

Giants: Lachlan Keddie

Bulldogs: Cameron Dixon


Player of the day:

Magpies: Max Serrano

Giants: Michael Kloss



Player of the day:

Lions: Tomo Shaw

Tigers: Jamie Moore