Young trio return to the Crows

Tane Kirton, Aidan Browne and Drew Clemas are all set to play for the Crows in the 2024 AFL New Zealand Premiership season. The young trio played a big part in the 2023 season and are all playing well in the current Auckland AFL season.

Tane Kirton, from the North Shore Tigers is a tremendous young talent and it showed in the 2023 Premiership season with Tane being named Rising star in round two. The midfielder, although small in stature, does not shy away from contact, and attacks the ball hard. A product of the New Zealand Youth and Academy programmes, Tane has a big future ahead of him, and will be making a push to play for the New Zealand Falcons in the upcoming Pacific Cup

Born in Melbourne, Aidan grew up playing AFL and has slotted himself perfectly into New Zealand Footy. Capable of playing of playing anywhere around the ground, Aidan is an asset to the Waitakere Magpies, and had a great season for the Western Crows in the 2023 Premiership. He has a great mark, and explosive speed, that allows him to get free and also chase down intercept marks.

Drew Clemas is another product of the AFL New Zealand Youth and Academy programmes and is starting to find his feet. Drew was among the Crows consistent performers, and improved across the span of the 2023 premiership and has continued to grow throughout the Auckland AFL season with the Waitakere Magpies.

The 2024 AFL New Zealand Premiership kicks off February 25th 2024