Youth aim for Academy spot in round 7

Round 7 of the 2019 AFL New Zealand Youth Competition wrapped up in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch this weekend and with only one round to go, all the players have developed their skills and game knowledge over the past seven weeks.


In Auckland, Mason Nimo and Onyx Tihanyi were the players of the day as the Giants kicked 10 goals to beat the Bulldogs.

The Giants secured a 3 goal victory over the Magpies in the U14/U17 grade. Daniel Laracy and Shae Tihanyi both produced great games and were named the players of the day.

In the Under 17 grade, the Suns held on to secure a 1 point victory over the Crows. Bailee Laurenson and Oscar Lawrence were both superb claiming the players of the day.

The Tigers snuck home against the Lions in Canterbury with Ruby Larcombe and Max Frew both having outstanding games as they were the players of the day.

The 2020 AFL New Zealand Academy is due to be announced this week.

The AFL New Zealand Academy will improve the skills and fitness of athletes, through a training and development programme and prepares athletes for National representation.



Player of the day:

Giants: Mason Nimo

Bulldogs: Onyx Tihanyi

Player of the day:

Magpies: Daniel Laracy

Giants: Shae Tihanyi

Player of the day:

Crows: Oscar Lawrence 

Suns: Bailee Laurenson



Player of the day:

Tigers: Ruby Larcombe

Lions: Max Frew


Photo Credit: Iskra Sport Photography