Youth competition back in full swing

Week two of the 2019 AFL New Zealand Youth competition was back in full swing in Auckland and Christchurch over the weekend where the future stars of tomorrow were continuing to develop their knowledge of AFL.


We start off this weeks wrap in the South Island as the Christchurch competition continues to grow.

The game between the Tigers and the Lions ended in the competitions first ever draw.

Hamish Meats and Joe Goto showed off their skills as they were awarded players of the day for their respective sides.

At Colin Maiden Park in Auckland, a sunny day greeted the players as the U12 grade kicked things off.

The Bulldogs scored a 24 point victory over the Giants. Tali Nimo and Cooper Alderman gave their best efforts and were the players of the day.

In the U14/U17’s, it was the Magpies who took the victory as they defeated the Bulldogs by 7 goals. The in form Harrison Ost had another stellar week and was named as the player of the day for the Magpies.


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Player of the day:

Giants: Tali Nimo

Bulldogs: Cooper Alderman 


Player of the day:

Magpies: Harrison Ost

Giants: Makenna Jones


Player of the day:

Lions: Hamish Meats

Tigers: Joe Goto