Youth competition rolls into round 4

It was Round 4 of the Youth competition this weekend and the next wave of up and coming AFL New Zealand stars were in action in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.


It was a tight game in the U12 grade as the Giants snuck home to win by 5 points over the Bulldogs. Cameron Dixon picked up his second player of the day award for the Dogs while Carys Ely was named best for the Giants.

It was the Suns who took out the U17 competition this week as they beat the Crows by a goal at Colin Maiden Park. Bailee Laurenson was on fire and was named best player of the day.

It was a big win for the Tigers over the Lions in the Canterbury competition. Noah Newsome showed some promising signs with good work around the ground for the Tigers and James Collier worked hard all day for the Lions.

A big thank you must go out to all the extra volunteer help that assisted in Christchurch. It was so great to have you all involved.



Player of the day:

Giants: Carys Ely

Bulldogs: Cameron Dixon

Player of the day:

Crows: Bailee Laurenson

Suns: Reef Bainbridge



Player of the day:

Tigers: Noah Newsome

Lions: James Collier


Photo Credit: Iskra Sport Photography