Zena and Dynamic Sport provide support to rising star

Zena and Dynamic Sport have provided support to rising star Indy Gibson, during the AFL New Zealand Premiership season, providing her with the Zena Z1 Vest.

The talented 15 year old, played in her first AFL New Zealand Women’ Premiership season for the Western Ravens earlier this year and also played for the New Zealand Youth Girls Academy team, in the recent Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League, tour campaign.

Indy is a hard ball getter, quick and agile, she works hard to get her hands on the footy and doesn’t shy away from contact. Zena and Dynamic Sport, gifted Indy with the Zena Z1 performance garment to ensure extra protection whilst playing in the Women’s Premiership , allowing her to focus on the game and providing increased safety in body contact situations.

Zena have developed a world leading performance garment that not only protects but assists with prevention and recovery. A product that will allow girls and women to play contact sport to their full potential, whilst raising awareness and starting a conversation about the need to protect themselves while playing a contact sport.

The Zena Z1 performance garment has been put through the highest standard of sports science impact testing via leading Australian Universities to provide the best protection while being extremely lightweight and agile with no restriction to a players movements.

  • Absorb breast impact from elbows, chest marking and ground impact
  • Added rib protection for overhead marking and tackle pressure
  • Prevent injury from scratching and groping
  • Not visible under jumper
  • Easy to get on and off with a protected front zip
  • Designed and developed in Australia
  • Suitable for juniors through to seniors
  • Approved & endorsed by the AFLW for use in competition

We touched base with Indy to find out what she thought about the vest.

“It felt very comfortable, so comfortable I often forgot I was wearing it. Definitely boosted my confidence. I wasn’t afraid to tackle or be tackled. When I hit the ground I felt confident and the protection of the vest helped with the ground impact. Didn’t hinder my performance and it also wasn’t to hot to wear.”

Click the link below to see more about the Zena Z1 Performance Vest