AFLNZ Coaching Accreditation Programme

AFLNZ-Coaching-AccreditationLevel O AFL KiwiKick Orientation:

All volunteers supporting AFL KiwiKick programs should attend 4 session – assistants/parent helpers should have this accreditation.

Secondary School students and teachers can use this as an introduction to the AFL pathway

Club members can build links with the local community as well as increasing knowledge to assist their respective clubs.

It is conducted through practical, hands-on involvement under the guidance of trained personnel.

It outlines the conduct of a ‘typical’ session and how it fits into a season-long programme

Level 1 AFL KiwiKick:

Two people involved in each AFL KiwiKick centre should have this accreditation. All coordinating coaches should be accredited.

The course takes around 12 hours or 8 sessions to complete.

Content includes planning and organising training sessions, skill games and modified games, growth and development, safety and legal issues.

Candidates are assessed practically either in course time, on the job, or both.

Level 2 AFL KiwiKick Coaching Coordinator Certificate:

AFL KiwiKick managers and coach coordinators should be accredited at this level.

Conducted over a two day period and in a live-in environment.

It is aimed at improving the coaching knowledge and skills of candidates, along with their technical planning and management skills.

Coaches undertake activities and are assessed over a full season of the AFL KiwiKick programme.

AFL Level 1 Youth:

Link: AFL Level 1 Youth online Coaching Course

For club and secondary school coaches of teenagers.

The course takes around 14 hours.

Content includes understanding youth participation, which permeates all aspects of the course. There is a specific focus on what motivates youth participants, social aspects of working with and managing players in this age range, specific communication skills and developing higher level skill and understanding.

Candidates are assessed practically either in course time, on the job, or both.

AFL Level 1 Senior (Coaches of adults/ open age):

Link: AFL Level 1 Senior online coaching course

The course takes around 14 hours.

Content includes communication, skills & drills, team play and tactics, fitness for football, recovery & rehabilitation, coaching & safety issues.

Candidates are assessed practically either in course time, on the job, or both.

AFL Level 2 Youth / Senior:

For coaches involved at a higher level (rep teams, development squads, etc.) and aimed at coaches with an aptitude and genuine interest in improving their coaching skills.

The course commences with a live-in workshop conducted through practical, hands-on involvement of participants, with a review day at the end of the season. It requires around 30 hours of course work in addition to practical involvement. The content focuses on preparing a coach to plan, prepare, conduct, review and adapt a year-long programme of coaching.

AFL Level 3 High Performance:

This program is for coaches involved in AFL, state leagues, TAC cup or other programmes in the AFL Talent Pathway.

Coaches working in, or aspiring to, this level, may apply to be invited to a week-long, live in programme. It is the highest coach accreditation offered by the AFL.

It covers in greater depth those areas dealt with in level 2 plus relevant current issues, including technology, public relations and coaches as programme managers and mentors.