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AFL is a game for everyone of all ages and levels of skill!

Primary School

AFL New Zealand’s ‘AFL KiwiKick’ programme focuses on developing fundamental movement and ball skills for boys and girls between 5 to 12 years of age.

AFL KiwiKick is run nationwide by qualified AFL New Zealand employees.

The programme can include between 8 to 10 sessions and a match programme and takes place at your local school to ensure the burden of travel is reduced for parents and volunteers.

It can be held before, during or after school and runs on a set day each week with session frequency, duration and cost structure designed to suit the needs of each school or centre.

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Secondary School

AFL New Zealand has diversified the programmes available to Secondary Schools to ensure flexibility that suits the outcomes of your school and provides opportunities for students and staff to participate in all facets of AFL.

The exciting range of programmes ensures that our professional staff can work with Secondary Schools to deliver a fun and rewarding experience for girls, boys and teachers.

AFLNZ Programmes

    1. Introduction to AFL
    2. AFL Leadership
    3. Coach the Coaches
    4. AFL House Rules: In School competition
    5. AFL Force Back
    6. AFL Cross Code Skill Acquisition
    7. Secondary Schools AFL Combine: Fitness and Skills Testing
    8. AFL Cup: Inter School Competition
    9. Gateway: Placement opportunities


There are currently four open men’s AFL competitions and two open Women’s competitions in New Zealand.

Regional Leagues in Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago all run from September – December each year.

Players from the regional leagues are selected for the AFL New Zealand National Premiership which takes place at North Harbour Stadium in Auckland from February – April

The level of competition is high and the Premiership gives players an opportunity for selection to the New Zealand national team, the New Zealand Falcons.

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Set Training Times and Dates and notify players

Use AFL resources to create a training plan

Organise Footballs cones and a Whistle

Make the sessions as fun and game orientated at possible

Ensure all players will be present for game day

Give players guideline roles targets for the game

Time Commitments:

Training’s allow 1.5-2 hours

Game Day allow 2 hours

Administration – 1 hour

Total hours per week 5


Give forms to player to fill out, ensure all players are registered

Coordinate with Coach regarding training times

Uniforms, Water bottles, Ice, First Aid Kits, oranges, contingency plans

Invite parents, friends and family to join in or watch

Ensure all players will be present for game day

Recruit game day helpers

Ensure necessary game day jobs are completed by players or other helpers

Time Commitments:

Training allow 1-2 hours

Game Day allow 2 hours

Administration – 1 hour

Total hours per week 5

Resources available:

AFLNZ works directly with Sports Distributors, for any sporting equipment please liaise with AFLNZ.

AFLNZ is more than happy to assist with Funding proposals to ensure your club can receive all available support.

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