AFL New Zealand Women’s Premiership

AFL New Zealand Premiership

The new season of the AFL New Zealand Premiership will commence on March 3rd 2024.

Teams will compete in the Premiership Season based at North Harbour Stadium Auckland with an 7 round schedule culminating with the final game on April 14th 2024.

Features of the 2024 season will include;

  • All Wellington based players will be drafted to the Central Shakers
  • All Christchurch based players will be drafted into the same Premiership Squad.
  • All matches will be full field with 16 players on field and 4 reserves.
  • The season will be determined on the results of the home and away season rather than a Grand Final. All teams will play four games.
  • The AFLNZ Women’s Premiership will align with the AFLNZ Premiership season.
  • Opportunities for selection for the New Zealand Kahu, and New Zealand Under 18’s

The third season of the AFL New Zealand Premiership will target the inclusion of 75 talented athletes throughout New Zealand with players allocated selection in the three teams by way of a “Retained Players List” and the “AFL New Zealand National Draft”.

The AFL New Zealand National Draft will contain different list categories on which potential participants will appear.

Initial confirmation of number #1 draft selections for each team will provide an exciting insight to the available talent on display.

It is seen as the perfect opportunity for a higher level competition providing an extension to the traditional regional league seasons spanning between August to December each year.  The seasons timing also provides the opportunity for coaches to utilise Australian based players and development players within their draft selections.

Playing Schedule

AFL New Zealand National Draft

The AFL New Zealand National Draft will see all players placed into a list of categories. Highlighting the logistics of the competition and training hubs based in North and South Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and further smaller regional hubs.

A Secondary Draft will take place for players that register following the National Draft in January.

AFL New Zealand Retained Players Lists

Following on from the previous seasons of the AFL New Zealand Premiership, a “Retained Players List” has been added as an additional tool to create balance and competitiveness within the competition.

With study, work, injury and locational alterations playing a role in player availability from season to season, it is important that each team is afforded the opportunity to retain players from the previous seasons list from each of the established draft categories.

Once the “Retained Players List” has been finalised by the Premiership teams, the remaining players will be re-entered into the national draft and will be available for selection by one of the three teams. This ensures an even spread of all draft categories across the three team rosters and equalises player availability that can be restricted due to location.

Player agreement

By registering, all participating players, coaches, managers and officials agree to the following;

  1. I understand that the provision of my medical and injury history will assist in monitoring my involvement in the AFLNZ Premiership
  2. I understand that the AFLNZ Premiership Code of Conduct will benefit all who are associated with the competition
  3. I understand that my initial indications of availability are subject to my selection based on performance, attendance and behavior
  4. I understand that reasonable notice must be given to AFLNZ, regarding travel and commitment changes to ensure there is no financial difficulties suffered by AFLNZ or myself

Code of Conduct

By registering, all participating players, coaches, managers and officials agree to the AFL New Zealand Code of Conduct.

These can be found at the following link for coaches:

Coaches code of conduct

For Players:

Players code of conduct


AFL New Zealand will work with multiple medical partners during the 2023 AFL New Zealand Premiership.

This will increase the number of medical staff on site during the AFL New Zealand Premiership, reducing the load on current partners and providing a quality service for all athletes competing.

Those who participate in the AFL New Zealand Premiership will have injuries managed by the preparation and development of specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals. All injuries will be logged by medical staff and players will be followed up during the week ensuring injuries are managed and players have the best possible advice available to them.

All players will be required to complete documentation to assist our physio partners in providing the highest level of service.

A completed hard copy is required and will be kept on hand at the venue to assist. Please hand in to coaching staff ASAP.

Link to Medical Declaration


To effectively communicate with over 75 players the responsibility of communication must be led by the player.

Currently the options of communication include telephone call, text, email, messenger, face book & website and with so many options it is important we know;

Who do we contact regarding each aspect and what is the best means of communication;

Training attendance:           Email if 48 hours beforehand

Your relevant coaching teams will advise of communication methods.

Flights:                                  Email            

Availability:                           Messenger              Coaching staff

Finance:                                Email            

Uniforms                              Email            

Medical/Injury                      Email             

Other                                   Email            

As you are allocated a team and coaching staff, they will individually discuss with you contact methods that best suit regarding football related matters.

Do not contact coaching and management staff with operational elements listed above. The communication plan will be revisited at several times during the season.


Pre Event

During Event

Post Event

AFL Elite

Increasing Muscle

Weight Loss

Pre Season Training

Training commitments

Phase 1 Training December 6th to December 13th 2023

After an initial team meeting, there will be two weeks of preseason sessions prior to the Christmas break period which is self-managed. Details of required trainings will be provided.

Phase 2 Training December 14th 2023 to January 16th 2024

Each player will be provided with a fitness programme to undertake over the 30 day Christmas period during which no formal sessions will take place. Fitness assessments will be carried out at the return to normal training. Individual training programmes will be supplied and explained during Phase 1 prior to Christmas. Players are encouraged to meet up with team mates to complete their programmes.

A base fitness level will lead to a reduction of injuries and for those who would like to achieve higher honors with New Zealand’s tour of Australia in May June 2023, and International Cup representation in July August 2024, your preparation will be essential.

Phase 3 Training January 25th to Feb 25th 2024

A further four weeks of preseason training will take place prior to the commencement of the 2023 AFL New Zealand Premiership. Fitness testing will be revisited for assessment.

Phase 4 Training Feb 26th to April 14th 2023

Training will continue throughout the AFL New Zealand Premiership season with weekly sessions for its duration. Those not participating in a specific round of scheduled weekend matches will be provided with an alternative session as a substitute.

If you are located in another region for any of the training sessions, during any phase it is expected you will attend that regions training. Training times and dates will be updated on the following link with any changes;

Non-compulsory skill sessions

To assist with further development, non-compulsory skill sessions can be arranged between coaches and players. Please be aware that venue bookings will not be in place for these sessions.

Communication between coaching staff and players aged 18 and under must also be forwarded through AFL New Zealand rather than directly by management staff.

3km Time Trial Test

AFL New Zealand is able to provide players with an individualised training programme however to develop these programmes we require a current 3km time trial test. All participants are expected to complete a 3km time trial this week. If you would like to arrange to do this time trial with other players in the same region, I strongly recommend that. The 3km time trail is a gauge of where you are currently at and the subsequent training plan will be a tool to assist in enhancing your fitness levels.  This will be especially important for players wanting to be considered for future NZ selection for Anzac game and International Cup .


  1. Ensure you have a flat surface
  2. A 400m running track is the best surface for this test to be completed. Public running tracks are available in every city so please ask if you aren’t sure of where to complete this test.
  3. Ensure you have an appropriate warm up and nutrition beforehand
  4. Having someone measure your time will make you work harder for the test

Match Day Run Sheet

The match day run sheet will be available in the lead up to the 2023 AFL New Zealand Premiership. Times will include;

  • Check in times
  • Departure and Arrival times
  • Flights
  • Ground transport
  • Game preparation
  • Strapping and injury requirements
  • Change room entry/ departure
  • Warm ups/ cool downs/ stretching/ hot colds
  • Field entry
  • Game times
  • After match functions/ presentations

Your team management will assist with match day timings but players must be aware and responsible of the commitments required.


All flights will be scheduled and booked by AFL New Zealand. Flights booked directly will not be refunded.

Player Registration financial contributions that involve flights, remain the same for 1,2,3 or 4 flights for the season.

AFL New Zealand is aware that during the season, the availability of players may change due to a number of circumstances beyond the control of both the participant and AFL New Zealand. AFL New Zealand will work on a case by case basis to determine the best course of action in regards to financial reimbursement, rescheduling, selection or non-selection and player behaviour both on and off the field. In these circumstances AFL New Zealand will act in good faith to determine a decision that includes the best possible result for all parties.

Reasonable notice must be given to AFLNZ regarding travel and commitment changes to ensure there is no financial difficulties suffered by AFLNZ or the player.

Standard flight and travel arrangements will be based on a Sunday arrival and departure.

AFL New Zealand will not fund increases in flights or accommodation costs outside of these standard transport arrangements.

All ground transport and airport transfers will be coordinated by AFL New Zealand once you have landed.

On any given round of matches, management staff based in areas that require flights, will accompany players on flights and ground transportation.

Ground transportation

Airport pick ups and game day transfers will be arranged by AFL New Zealand.

For those who travel earlier or depart later than standard travel arrangements, you must organise your own ground transport for alternative arrangements.

Initial travel to the airport must be organised by the participant. Connecting with fellow players within your region will assist with car pooling.

There are a number of participants travelling via road from areas outside of Auckland including Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Northland. AFL New Zealand will provide assistance in coordinating travel and pooling where possible.

Transportation rosters, contacts and responsibilities will be forwarded well ahead of time to ensure continuity.


Standard flight and travel arrangements will be based on a Sunday arrival and departure and accommodation will not be required.

Dunedin flights will arrive Saturday evening and depart Sunday evening with accommodation arranged via billeting and AFL New Zealand.


Players will be require these items as part of their participation in the AFL New Zealand Premiership

At initial training’s, players will be provided with fit out opportunities to assist with uniform sizing.

Playing shorts, playing tops and socks will also be sized but will remain the property of AFL New Zealand due to funding requirements.

Players will receive their own team polo and team shorts when financial. The retention and cleaning of these items is the player’s responsibility.

Team playing strips will be handed out and returned each week for cleaning. The loss of any uniform item will see replacement costs forwarded to the participant.

Off field and travel dress requirements:

  • Team Polo
  • Team Shorts

Ground and facilities

Matches will be played on Sundays at North Harbour Stadium, Albany, Auckland.

Team change rooms, showers, clubrooms, parking are all available on site or accompanying sites.

Stadiums are smoke and alcohol free

Training Grounds

Auckland Hub: Margaret Griffin Park, Mt Roskill

Wellington: Hutt Park, Seaview

Christchurch: Hagley Park, North Carlton Corner