Week 1

AFL Terminology – General

Hand pass on the rise:

Picking the ball up off the ground and handpassing on the rise. Generally, in a contested environment.

1%ers / one percenters:

A defensive act such as a block, bump, shepherd, smother or chase; “one-percenters” very rarely show up in any typical statistical analysis of a game, but are generally highly-valued by coaches, supporters and spectators alike Game play.

2nd, 3rd efforts:

A string of one percenters, never giving up.


A block placed on an opposing player. This can be to stop him tackling a teammate in possession of the ball, or attempting to gather it; to stop him intercepting a ball heading for goal; or just to stop him possessing the ball himself.

No U turn:

A term used when a player gains possession going the wrong way. The term suggests the player doesn’t do a U – turn, blindly turn to be going the right way, and instead look for a team mate going the opposite direction (right way) to give the ball to.

Arm on:

Defensive style where the defender has an arm on his opponent so he knows where he his is at all times.

Punch from behind:

When the ball is travelling in the air from a kick the person in front if both players get hands on it will be awarded the mark therefor if can’t take a definite clear mark and caught behind always punch.


Responsible for roving the opposition ruckman’s knock and putting pressure on the opposition players if they get the ball. It is important that this person does not over commit or get too close to the contest and have the opposition tap the ball into space behind the sweeper.


For a player to run into space and away from his direct opponent, hoping to attract a pass from his teammate.


The clearing of the ball out of a stoppage situation, to the advantage of one team or the other.


An in-game scenario where two or more players have an opportunity to win the ball. Either in the air or on the ground.

Contested possession:

A possession achieved as a result of winning a contest.