Banana and Snap Kicks

The Banana and snap kicks can be an effective way to score goals from tight angles.

The banana kick is very tough (arguably the toughest kick to master) and has the ball moving from left to right (for a right footed player)

Tips for the banana kick

(as described for a right footer – if you are a leftie then do the opposite)

  • Nose of ball is pointing at a slight angle to the right side of the player
  • Guiding hand is held towards the nose of the ball
  • Other hand higher on the ball
  • Body faces slightly away from target (target should be to the right of the target)
  • Nose of ball faces target
  • Leg swing is across from the target and you make contact with the left end of the ball

Tips for the Snap kick

  • Hold the ball the same as you do for the banana
  • Body however is lined up in the opposite direction
  • Target is on the left hand side
  • Kick the ball on the right end

Activities: Banana and Snap

Snap Football

(2 players, 10 cones, 1 ball)

  • In pairs, the players decide where the ten cones should be located inside 50 metres from which each snap shot will be taken.
  • The first player takes 10 snap shots from the 10 different locations and records the goals and behinds achieved for those 10 shots.
  • The other player goes into the goal square and retrieves the ball.
  • The second player attempts to shoot for goals from the same locations in turn.


(2 players, 1 cone, 1 ball)

  • In pairs the players stand 20 metres apart with one player in possession of the football.
  • The player runs at an angle to a cone and kicks the snap shot over the cone to be marked by the team mate.
  • The second player performs the same task.
  • Complete 10 snap shots each.

Extension – Work in threes and man the mark to force the kicker to kick over a man on the mark.

Remember with these kicks it is best to try different styles to see what is most effective for you, so you are accurate and can make strong contact with the ball.