Drop punt/Kick

There are several types of kick used in AFL the main one used in AFL is the drop punt for its consistency, accuracy and ease to mark. Regardless of the type of kick there 3 Key points of every kick:

  1. Control of the ball
  2. Lower leg speed
  3. Firm foot

This week we look at two methods of using the drop punt

  1. Weighted Kick
  2. Penetrating Kick
Skill : Weighted Kick

The weighted kick is used to give the ball more ‘hang time’ to make it drop where a teammate is either already positioned or preferably can run on to it. The weighted kick is more about ‘touch’ than power. The player receiving the ball should be able to run to the position where the ball will drop and mark it without losing momentum. Players aim for a position on the ground to land the ball, which is sometimes referred to as kicking to advantage.

Activities: Weighted Kick


Kick the football up into the air at varying heights, to mark yourself (trying not to have to move mark it).  Feel the difference between heights as well as how kicks to different heights differ in their sound and look.

Extensions –

  • Aim to mark it at a specific spot after kicking it up.
  • Use your non-preferred foot
  • Kicking at a target – set up a target (wheelie bin, bucket, post)

Pairs/Small groups

Set up 3 different squares (5x5m size) at 15, 25 and 30m apart – Player picks up ball, the partner then nominates a square to run into. Player uses a weighted kick into the square for the player to catch on the move.

Extensions –

  • Make it tougher by reducing the size of the square (accuracy) or increasing the distance between the squares (Distance).
  • Add a third person into the drill by having a player on the mark for you to kick over.
Skill: Penetrating Kick

A penetrating kick is defined as a kick where the ball travels over a long distance with little ‘hang time’ in the air. A player who can kick with penetration is extremely valuable to a team. These players have an extremely efficient kicking technique and are able to generate excellent foot speed when kicking.

Activities: Penetrating Kick

Individual drill

Using a portable goal post or a target that can be knocked over, try and use a penetrating kick to knock over the post/target. Start 15m away and extend your distance out.

Extension – Add some competition in with a partner to see who can knock the post over first.


Tie some string/rope at head height. Player kicks to the other under the string so the player can mark it. Kicking the ball flat and low will make you use a penetrating kick.

Extension – Each time a mark is taken, player takes a step back to lengthen their next kick. See how far you can kick for a mark still using a penetrating kick. The longer the distance, the more penetrating the kick.