Week 4

Goal Kicking


A team that is able to convert scoring opportunities into goals will be able to create scoreboard pressure on an opposition. A goal is 6 times better than a behind, so accuracy in front of goal is a must for a team. We will look at the two common types of shots on goal; set shot and shot on the run, and the different techniques needed for these.

Set Shot Teaching points

A set shot is a shot taken out of the rhythm of the game. The game stops and you have the ball and can take your time. This can cause some anxiety in players as they take the shot. A set shot routine needs to be created so players can fall back on it and clear their mind from all other external distractions.

Factors to take into account when creating a set shot routine:

  • Ensure when the football is kicked it will clear the man on the mark (making contact with the football approx. 7m away from the mark is a standard rule)
  • Visualise the set shot and visualise it going through for a goal!
  • Have a lead up/run up of enough momentum to kick the distance
  • There are two schools of thought on what the focus should be on when kicking at goal:
  • Focus on a target through the middle of the goal and 10-20m behind it
  • Focus on a spot on the ground that has been marked and swing through that spot
  • Follow through to the target
  • Have triggers in the routine to ensure the focus is on the areas of the kick needed to work on (i.e. contact point of the foot/follow through/lower leg speed/grip etc.)

Remember – no one can create a players own routine. They have to do what makes them comfortable and puts them at ease in front of goal.

Skill: Goal Kicking on the run

Goal kicking on the run can be more comfortable for players as it falls within the rhythm of the game and often is done on instinct, so players don’t overthink their kick. There are a few important factors to take into account when kicking on the run for goal

  • If possible is it advantageous to kick on your preferred foot in front of goal (for accuracy).
  • When using the drop punt on the move in general play, straighten up your body to the middle of the goal (no matter angle you are on, if your body is straight through the middle of the goal this will increase accuracy)
  • If running at full speed take the extra step or two to slow down, allowing yourself to execute the shot on goal effectively

Common errors are:

  • Perceived pressure
  • Rushing the kick
  • Not straightening up
  • Trying to snap/banana when you could’ve used the drop punt
Activity: Set Shot competition in pairs
  • Players in pairs
  • Set up 5-6 cones at various angles/distances in front of goal (ensure they are all within 30m out from goal)
  • Players move from one cone to the other kicking a goal at each cone, whilst following their set shot routine.
  • Behind = 1 point and goal = 6 points
  • Competition between all pairs – most combined points wins
  • If there is a tie have a “goal off”
  • If in 3s have someone on the mark