Empowering Christchurch’s Youth through the AFL KiwiKick Programme: Breaking Barriers in Sports and Recreation

AFL New Zealand Receives Grant to Improve Wellbeing and Participation in Active Recreation

The AFL KiwiKick Programme, led by AFL New Zealand and supported by a grant from the Rātā Foundation, is instrumental in enhancing wellbeing through increased access to active recreation and sports. Implemented in various schools, this program successfully engages children between the ages of 5 and 12, helping them acquire essential skills while fostering a love for sports.

To implement the AFL KiwiKick Programme, AFL New Zealand will partner with four schools: Heathcote Valley School, Lyttelton Primary School, Mt Pleasant School, and Sumner School in the Christchurch region. The primary focus is on teaching fundamental skills such as kicking, catching, passing, and bouncing, enabling children to actively participate in recreational activities.

AFL New Zealand provides necessary support to the program by supplying AFL KiwiKick Footballs, AFL KiwiKick posts, AFL Backpacks, and resource kits to the schools. In addition, teachers can receive professional development sessions through online resources, equipping them with the necessary tools to effectively deliver the program. Students are also granted access to online materials, enhancing their engagement during holidays and weekends.

Thanks to the generous grant from the Rātā Foundation, AFL New Zealand can provide free services and programs, ensuring that financial limitations did not hinder children’s participation in the AFL KiwiKick Programme. This grant plays a crucial role in facilitating the program’s implementation, providing the necessary resources and support that would have otherwise been lacking.

The outcomes of AFL New Zealand’s efforts include the commitment to improving wellbeing and removing barriers to active participation in recreation and sports. The program contributes to enhanced physical literacy, increased levels of physical activity, improved fundamental motor skills, and promotes equal opportunities for all students. Moreover, participants wae empowered to continue their engagement in physical activities by transitioning into club sports outside of school.

AFL New Zealand’s work through the project in the Christchurch will make a positive impact on the communities it serves, benefiting approximately 1,088 individuals over the course of the year. The participants represent a diverse range of ethnicities. The AFL KiwiKick Programme predominantly targets children aged 5 to 11, with 929 benefiting from the initiative, while an additional 159 participants are aged 12 to 18.

The AFL KiwiKick Programme, supported by the Rātā Foundation, continues to leave a lasting impact on the wellbeing and active participation of children. By promoting inclusivity and fostering a passion for sports within local communities, the program encourages a healthier and more engaged generation.