Round 3 Academy Results

Round 3 of the Academy sees another round of the Regional Competition where the Auckland Lions travelled up to Whangarei to compete against the Northland Academy.

The whole group is starting to play quality football applying everything they are learning to the games. There were some standout performances this week as players are trying to secure their spot in the Academy NZ Hawks wider squad for the NSW Campaign at the end of March.

The final travelling team will be selected after the first Academy National League to be held at Parrs Park Auckland 14th and 15th March.


Round 3 Northland Results:

Auckland Lions vs Northland:

Q1: 3.5:23 vs 0.1:1

Q2: 3.1:19 vs 1.1:7

Q3: 6.4:40 vs 3.0:18

Q4: 3.6:24 vs 5.2:32

Full time: 15.16:106 vs 9.4:58


Goal scorers:

Auckland: Jake Tucker (6), Nathan Halloren-McLean (3), Siope Ngata (3), Luke Dunning (1), Israel Irving (1), Josh Woodham (1)

Northland: Joe Wadman (4), Max Stuart (2), Hamish Lucas (2), Ben Armstrong (1)


Player of the day:

Auckland: Harley Swinbourne-King

Northland: Ben Armstrong


Round 3 Auckland Results:

Magpies vs Tigers:

Magpies 14.13:97 vs Tigers: 12.4:76

Goal scorers:

Magpies: Alex Anslow (3), Joel Brown (3), Alistair Maisey (2), Zak Martin (2), Milan Sundermann (1), Giovanni Mountain-Silbery (1), Daniel Carston (1)

Tigers: Jack Morris (3), Ma vae Manuika (3), Christian Harriman (2), Joseph Alesich-Tamaki (2), Tyler Polley (1)

Player of the day:

Tigers: Ma vae Manuika

Magpies: Declan Crann


Round 3 Wellington results:

Bulldogs vs Magpies:

Bulldogs: 15.14:104 v Magpies: 10.5:65


Goal scorers:

Bulldogs: Connor McGeough (5), Francis Pedersen (3), Utu ah Kuoi (2), William Kempt (2), Richard Faimalo (2), Dylan Absalom

Magpies: James Watkins (6), Nathan Lenihan (3), Harley Keene


Player of the day:

Bulldogs: Mitchell Stringer

Magpies: James Watkins