2014 NPC Awards and Goalkickers

The following players earned votes in the Best and Fairest Awards, as decided by the AFL New Zealand NPC Umpiring Panel.

11 votes. Richie Heazlewood – Canterbury. Best and Fairest for the AFL New Zealand NPC.

8 votes. Dan Benny – Otago.

5 votes. Stan Chung – Wellington.

4 votes. Shane Leat – Auckland, Stephen van Gruting – Canterbury.

3 votes. Kyle Smith – Canterbury, Tristan Burnett – Otago, Sam McKenzie – Auckland, Chris Leader – Canterbury,  Craig Morgan- Wellington.

2 votes. Michael Gregson – Auckland, Todd Andrews – Canterbury, Tom Bekkers – Otago, Rhylee Ioane-Fidow – Wellington.

1 vote: Te Kopa Tipene Thomas – Auckland, Tom McBride – Otago, Liam Beattie – Auckland, Jared Percival – Canterbury, Will Gregson – Auckland.


Team Best and Fairest Awards

Otago – Tom McBride

Wellington – Waylon Baker

Auckland – Liam Beattie

Canterbury – Jared Percival


Golden Boot

5 goals: Cam Bailey – Canterbury. Golden Boot winner for the AFL New Zealand NPC.

4 goals: Thomas Taungakava.

3 goals: Ryan Roselli, Richie Heazlewood, Levi Inglis.

2 goals: Zach Inglis, Jared Percival, Steve McCarron, Chris Mundell, Stephen van Gruting, Brad Mavor, Hayden Mourits, Nathan Lenihan, Chris Leader, Sam McKenzie, Jamie Gresham.

1 goal: Siope Ngata, Michael Gregson, Te Kopa Tipene-Thomas, Troy Lavery, Jason Wozniak, Lawrence Babe, Todd Andrews, Brad Wade, Steph Tabaillou, Sam Shearer, Ryan McLean, Stan Chung, Alex Awatere, Jared Burns, James Terry, Lachlan Eade, Logan Toomer, Dan Benny, Kyle Smith, Liam Beattie.


Match Reports

Day 1:

Day 2:

New Zealand Hawks Squad Selection

AFL New Zealand is targeting ANZAC week 2015 for the next Senior New Zealand Hawks campaign, with the aim of playing in conjunction with the events surrounding the St Kilda Saints vs Carlton Blues match.

Preparations will involve the formalisation of a squad, which will include Australian based players and members of the AFL New Zealand High Performance programme.

The following list of players were selected from the NPC, and will form the basis of the wider initial squad for that campaign.


Wellington: Ryan Roselli, Stan Chung, Waylon Baker.

Otago: Dan Benny, Logan Toomer, Tom McBride.

Canterbury: Stephan van Gruting, Levi Inglis, Cam Bailey, Jared Court, Matt Crighton, Jared Percival, Kyle Smith, Cam Lubransky.

Auckland: Sam McKenzie, Chris Mundell, Liam Beattie, Ben Hick, Siope Ngata, Michael Gregson, Will Gregson, Mitch Ryan, Te Kopa Tipene-Thomas, Shane Leat.


Award Presentation Quotes

Otago player Tom McBride, on Otago’s efforts over the weekend. – “We played really hard and the guys put in a good shift all weekend. The likes of Warwick (Kain), Modra (Michael Bruhn) and Tooms (Logan Toomer), they’re running a really good side here.”

Auckland player and ceremony MC Sam McKenzie, on the development of Otago – “I know from the last three years from playing the Otago Riot, that was the toughest and best performance they’ve put in against us.”

Wellington coach Jason Wozniak, on the improvement in the Wellington AFL this year. “For the first time in a long time we actually had to pick a squad. We even managed to pick a few young kids, so overall we’re really pleased with where the league is going. If you compare this year to last year we improved by 70-80 points, so we’ll keep chipping away and looking to knock teams off.”

Auckland coach Chris Mundell, on the clash between Auckland and Canterbury. “Canterbury were the best team this weekend by far, so well done to you boys. Our boys, we’ll keep our heads up and be back again to challenge next year.”

Canterbury coach Harry Peterson, on taking the NPC back from Auckland. “We came with the mission in mind to take the cup back to Christchurch. You guys deservedly thrashed us last year, so we look forward to coming up and defending it again next year.”

Canterbury player Jared Percival, on winning his team’s Best and Fairest award. “This award, it’s more of a team thing really. I’m just a small part of a pretty powerful side.”