2018 AVJennings Saints Senior AFL Cup

The 2018 AVJennings Saints Senior AFL Cup took place over the last 2 weeks where Secondary Schools around all of Auckland participated in playing AFL.


Once again, the St Kilda Football Club and AVJennings are a proud sponsor of the AFL Cup and surrounding AFL New Zealand community programmes.

Please see below the results of the tournaments so far:


Greater Auckland Girls: 

Rutherford College3826
Green Bay High School1713
Game 2:
Pukekohe High School7749
Rutherford College4630
Game 3:
Pukekohe High School4131
Green Bay High School139

Congratulations to Pukekohe High School on winning the 2018 Greater Auckland Girls AFL Cup.



North Island Championships:

Round 1:
Whangarei Boys high School7345
Rutherford College6541
Pukekohe High School1410
Rosehill College099
Round 2:
Rutherford College10565
Rosehill College7648
Pukekohe High School6844
Whangarei Boys high School3624
Round 3:
Rutherford College6339
Pukekohe High School5535
Rosehill College61046
Whangarei Boys high School5838

Congratulations to Pukekohe High School on winning the 2018 North Island AFL Cup.

Whangarei Boys High School

Coach: Dr Mike Elliott

Player of the day: Freedom Collins

Rosehill College

Player/Coach: Ethan Holton

Player of the day: Johlisha Lofipo

Rutherford College

Coach: Jeff Silby

Player of the day: Brayden Winks

Pukekohe High School

Coach: Paul Meads

Player of the day: Phillipe Setafano

Tournament player of the day:

Tom Heloire – Rutherford College