Auckland Senior AVJennings Saints AFL Cup results

The 2017 AVJennings Saints Senior AFL Cup took place over the last 2 weeks where Secondary Schools around all of Auckland participated in playing AFL.


Please see below the results of the tournaments so far:


Harbour Waitakere:


Round 1:

Northcote 6.2: 38 v Whangarei Boys 4.2: 27
Rosmini 9.5: 59 v Rutherford 2.5: 17


Round 2

Whangarei Boys 1.1: 7 v Rosmini 11.5: 71
Northcote 6.4: 40 v Rutherford 4.1: 25


Round 3

Whangarei Boys 6.4:40 v Rutherford 3.5: 23
Rosmini 7.5:47 v Northcote 2.3:15


Congratulations to Rosmini College on winning the 2017 Harbour Waitakere AFL Cup.


Players of the day:


Whangarei Boys High School: Caleb Russ

Rosmini College: Declan Jones               

Rutherford College: Dino Botica

Northcote College: Toafa Leaana

AFLNZ Player of the tournament: Jake Tucker (Northcote College)

Harbour Waitakere AFL Cup winners: Rosmini College

Auckland Counties Manukau:


Pukekohe 18.8: 116 v Pakuranga 6.4:40


Congratulations to Pukekohe High School on winning the 2017 Auckland Counties Manukau AFL Cup.


Players of the day:


Pukekohe High School: Simi Tuinabewa

Pakuranga College: Darcy Frost

AFLNZ Player of the tournament: Keegan McCort (Pukekohe High School)

Auckland Counties Manukau AFL Cup winners: Pukekohe High School