Tawa College take out Wellington Hawks Cup

Tawa College have won their first Junior Hawks Cup title in Wellington. The tournament played at Hutt Park  continues to be a great breeding ground for talent funnelling into the Wellington Youth Competition and the AFL New Zealand High performance Programmes.


Round 1:

St Patricks College 1 vs Tawa College:

A big game first up for the two schools, with the Tawa College team retaining several players from last year’s tournament, while SPC 1 looked to have an advantage through the height showcased across the field. Tawa worked the ball well down the field and always had a target to kick to in front of goal. St Pat’s failed to covert opportunity after entering the ball into their forward line, and paid the penalty with inaccurate goal kicking.

Final Score:

Tawa College: 5.3: 33

St Patricks College 1: 2.5: 17


St Patricks College 2 vs Aotea College:

The SPC 2 team included a mass of running players including Samson Vandermade and put in a big performance, utilising their handball skills and marks effectively to get the edge over the Aotea College side. Inaccurate kicking cost the Aotea side when they had the ball. Notable performance went to Daniel Ticehurst (Aotea College) who won every ruck throughout all his games.

St Patricks College 2:  7.3: 45

Aotea College: 2.5: 17


Round 2:

St Patricks College 1 vs St Patricks College 2:

Battle of St Pats. SPC 2 got off to a flyer kicking the first 2 goals of the game and looking like a major upset was on the cards. However SPC1 then kicked into gear holding SPC 2 scoreless for the rest of the game.

St Patricks College 1:  5.5: 35

St Patricks College 2: 2.0: 12


Tawa College vs Aotea College:

The battle between the Northern Schools was always going to be a good game and so it proved with Josh Mooar-Tangi (Tawa College) having a strong game in the midfield. A high scoring affair, the teams traded goals, but Tawa College’s past AFL experience proved telling with them running away with it at the end.

Tawa College: 9.2: 56

Aotea College: 4.5: 29


Round 3:

St Patricks College 1 vs Aotea College:

SPC 1 needed to beat Aotea by a large amount to keep their chances of winning the title alive, whilst also having SPC 2 do them a favour and get up over Tawa College. SPC 1 did just that racking up and impressive 62-7 scoreline. Aotea just running out of gas in their 3rd game.

St Patricks College 1:  9.8: 62

Aotea College 2: 1.1: 7


St Patricks College 2 vs Tawa College:

Tawa College went into this game knowing that a win would give them the title. SPC 2 were looking to finish the tournament strongly and proved no walkover for Tawa only going down by 5 points. Callum Hudson (St Pats’s College) was a strong target in the forward line and nearly caused an upset with his accurate boot. This win was enough for Tawa though to be the new Wellington Junior Secondary School AFL champions.

Tawa College: 4.5: 29

St Patricks College 2:  3.6: 24


Winning School: Tawa College

2nd Place: St Patrick’s College, Wellington 1

3rd Place: St Patrick’s College, Wellington 2

4th Place: Aotea College


Player of the day:

Tawa College: Andrew Phillips

St Patrick’s College, Wellington 1: Barney Lenihan

St Patrick’s College, Wellington 2: Callum Hudson

Aotea College: Ethan Adams


Player of the tournament: Josh Mooar-Tangi (Tawa College)

Wellington Sport and KiwiSport funding have played a big part in creating the success and growth of AFL in Wellington. Over 2500 students have now been exposed to the sport through the AFLNZ Secondary School KiwiSport project completed in June this year. The pathway for those that continued can include involvement in both the High Performance Programme and New Zealand Representation.


AFL New Zealand would like to say a big thankyou to the respective College teams and organisers and in particular, Chris Swallow of Tawa College, Teresa Orr and Alex Awatere of Aotea College, and Leigh Lidstone and Sean Parfitt of St Patrick’s College, Wellington.