New Zealand Hawks Combine Test Results

The spreadsheet below contains the most recent data available from the 2012 secondary schools combine testing. It can take up to one week, but on average two days, for new information to be added, so if your school has not been uploaded yet, be sure to have a look in a few days and your results should be available.

Your results have been converted from raw data to a score out of 60, this translates into a score out of ten for; speed, agility, vertical jump, endurance, kicking accuracy and handpass accuracy. Your mark out of ten is decided by your overall place in each event, the best 5 to 7 athletes will get tens, with the scores dropping in groups of 4 to 7.

The spreadsheet will be sorted by best overall athlete by default, if you would like to change this, for example, to sort by the best 20m sprinters, simply click on the arrow next to ’20m Score’ and click ‘Sort Descending’. This works for all of the categories. To scroll horizontally, click the middle button on your mouse, or both buttons on your touchpad at the same time, and move your cursor to the left or right, this will scroll the page to the left or to the right, alternatively,  move the slider at the bottom of the page left or right, to scroll left or right .To view the spreadsheet full screen, click the

button on the bottom right corner of the spreadsheet. This will take you to another website to view the spreadsheet full screen.

If you would like ways to improve your score, check out our skills videos, they have plenty of tips to help improve your AFL skills.