The AFL Whiteboard – Tactical Analysis

The AFL Whiteboard – AFL Tactical Analysis Videos

The AFL Whiteboard is a video series by the AFL designed to provide the next level of tactical knowledge to AFL players and spectators alike.

Use the links below to find the video that you are looking for, or just watch them all! Also be sure to check back for more video content as it is released.

Stephen Milne | Dustin Fletcher | Trent Cotchin | Tom Hawkins | Brian Lake

Stephen Milne

Matthew Richardson uses iso-cam vision to look closely at St Kilda superstar Stephen Milne.

 Dustin Fletcher

Matthew Richardson puts Dustin Fletcher under The Whiteboard microscope, analysing his game with our exclusive iso-cam.

Trent Cotchin

Matthew Richardson puts Richmond’s Trent Cotchin under The Whiteboard microscope.

Tom Hawkins

Matthew Richardson puts Geelong’s Tom Hawkins under The Whiteboard microscope.

Brian Lake

Matthew Richardson puts the Western Bulldog’s Brian Lake under The Whiteboard microscope.